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syfyverse's Journal

SyFy Universe
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A community for the official SyFy channel universe

This is a community for the SyFy universe which officially includes Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Alphas. Crossovers with unofficial shows in this universe, like Haven, are also welcome.

We allow fic, icons, discussions, all pairings, slash, het... What we do not allow under any circumstances is hate. If you want to talk about why a pairing or character sucks, do not come here. Such actions will get you banned. We also do not allow RPF (Real Person Fiction). Other than that, have fun!

P.S. Please TAG YOUR POSTS! If you feel that the established tags are not sufficient, please message me with suggestions.

Affiliates: hicksrachel, xoverland, tv_fanfiction,galorechallenge